What’s in a name?

September 2, 2013 9 comments

So how did I come to get the name that I have?

My first name is based on my paternal grandfather’s first name. His name was Robert, but everyone called him by his nickname, Billy. Granddaddy died in 1968 long before I was born, but I have heard many stories about his life. My parents wanted to call me Billy after my granddaddy, so they picked the closest formal name for the nickname and ended up with William. When I was growing up, everyone knew me by my nickname, Billy. When I started college I made the decision to drop the “y” and go with Bill. Of course when I see people that have known me my whole life, they still call me Billy.

According to www.meaning-of-names.com, the name William means “protector” (English) or “resolute protector” (German) or “determined protector” (French). I like the theme that’s going on there. Many famous people throughout history have shared the name William. According to www.behindthename.com, the name was borne by at least four English kings, as well as rulers of Scotland, the Netherlands, and Prussia. Other celebrities include the 13th-century Scottish hero, William Wallace (of Braveheart fame), William Shakespeare (dramatist), William Blake (poet), William Wordsworth (poet), and so on. Oh yeah, and of course there’s William “Bill” Clinton…but I won’t go any further with that.

Next, my middle name, Daniel, comes from one of my paternal great grandfathers. I always called him “grandpa” since I never knew his son, my granddaddy that I mentioned above. He was a quiet, gentle man from what I remember of him. He died in 1988 at the age of 90; I was 11. Thinking back, I believe that he was the only person that I personally knew that was born in the 19th century. I have always thought it was so neat to have known someone who had lived through so much history.

From www.meaning-of-names.com, “Daniel” has many origins, including Hebrew, Irish, and Welsh. In Hebrew the name means “God is my judge;” in Irish and Welsh, “attractive.” My namesakes (www.behindthename.cominclude persons such as Daniel, the Hebrew prophet from the Old Testament, English author Daniel Defoe, Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli, and American frontiersman Daniel Boone (which is likely a distant relative of mine through my mother’s side).

Do you know what your name means and how you came to own it?

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Christmas in Heaven

December 16, 2012 Leave a comment

It is hard to imagine that this will be our first Christmas without my grandmother. She passed away this past July 24. My family went to a Memorial Service today for her at the cemetery, and the preacher read a poem that made me smile. As we left the service, they handed out bookmarks with this poem on them.

Many of you may have seen this, as I found many references to it when I was searching the Web for the proper attribution. If you are missing a loved one this holiday season perhaps this will help you put things in perspective.

Read more…

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Hi, my name is Lumpy Hamstertush

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

My family loves books!  My wife and I read a lot, and we’ve raised our children to enjoy reading, too.  Almost since birth, we have read to them nightly.  So far in school they read above their respective grade levels, and will pick up books and read them for fun.  It really is a great feeling as a parent that my kids enjoy reading as much as I do.

Recently, we picked up a book titled Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants by Dav Pilkey.  It was a used book and the binding was starting to come apart.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted my children to read this kind of material, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  As we started reading it I actually found myself laughing at the story more than the kids.  I’m not talking about a mild chuckle either.  I mean a hardy, make-you-feel-good, full-body laugh.

In this fun story, Professor Pippy P. Poopypants comes to the United States from New Swissland, a small country just southeast of Greenland, and gets ridiculed because of his silly name.  What this country didn’t understand was that in New Swissland it was commonplace, and everyone had funny names.  The constant ridicule pushed Professor Poopypants over the edge, and he decided to take over the U.S. and force everyone to change their names using his 3-chart method below. Read more…

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Focus On: Grammar Blogs

August 31, 2012 1 comment

Focus On: Grammar Blogs.

Grammar has always been one of my biggest pet peeves.  I’m not implying that I am always perfect when I write, but some of the things that I see daily on the web, particularly on social sites, makes me fear for the future of the English language.

What are your thoughts?

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April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I tracked the UPS shipment of my Tab every day since it left. I was relieved when it was delivered to the repair facility on Thursday. On Friday, I decided to check the status of my repair ticket on the Samsung support website. I got an error saying, “invalid number.” What!? I tried again later that day with the same result. I quickly found the phone number for Samsung and called them. I talked to a very helpful service rep who phoned the repair facility while I was on hold to make sure that my device had been received. It had indeed. She informed me that the system wouldn’t update until Monday, and that the total turn-around time for this type of repair is typically 7 to 10 business days including shipping time back to me. Cool.
We’ll see what happens this week.


My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is dead! It won’t power on no matter how long I charge it, or what combinations of buttons I press.

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My Dead Tab

April 11, 2012 2 comments

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is dead! It won’t power on no matter how long I charge it, or what combinations of buttons I press. Read more…

UPDATE: Aerodynamic Engineering at its Finest

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

On January 28, I posted about my sons’ upcoming Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. I wanted to post an update with the outcome of that derby which occurred this past Sunday, February 12. Read more…