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What’s in a name?

So how did I come to get the name that I have?

My first name is based on my paternal grandfather’s first name. His name was Robert, but everyone called him by his nickname, Billy. Granddaddy died in 1968 long before I was born, but I have heard many stories about his life. My parents wanted to call me Billy after my granddaddy, so they picked the closest formal name for the nickname and ended up with William. When I was growing up, everyone knew me by my nickname, Billy. When I started college I made the decision to drop the “y” and go with Bill. Of course when I see people that have known me my whole life, they still call me Billy.

According to www.meaning-of-names.com, the name William means “protector” (English) or “resolute protector” (German) or “determined protector” (French). I like the theme that’s going on there. Many famous people throughout history have shared the name William. According to www.behindthename.com, the name was borne by at least four English kings, as well as rulers of Scotland, the Netherlands, and Prussia. Other celebrities include the 13th-century Scottish hero, William Wallace (of Braveheart fame), William Shakespeare (dramatist), William Blake (poet), William Wordsworth (poet), and so on. Oh yeah, and of course there’s William “Bill” Clinton…but I won’t go any further with that.

Next, my middle name, Daniel, comes from one of my paternal great grandfathers. I always called him “grandpa” since I never knew his son, my granddaddy that I mentioned above. He was a quiet, gentle man from what I remember of him. He died in 1988 at the age of 90; I was 11. Thinking back, I believe that he was the only person that I personally knew that was born in the 19th century. I have always thought it was so neat to have known someone who had lived through so much history.

From www.meaning-of-names.com, “Daniel” has many origins, including Hebrew, Irish, and Welsh. In Hebrew the name means “God is my judge;” in Irish and Welsh, “attractive.” My namesakes (www.behindthename.cominclude persons such as Daniel, the Hebrew prophet from the Old Testament, English author Daniel Defoe, Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli, and American frontiersman Daniel Boone (which is likely a distant relative of mine through my mother’s side).

Do you know what your name means and how you came to own it?

Check out today’s Daily Post on WordPress.com, Daily Prompt: Name that… You!, for more!

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  1. Barbara C.
    September 2, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    I was named after Barbie Hill (who I think is Facebook friends with your mom). She was my sister’s best friend at the time I was born. LOL

    And, yes, I still “think” of you as “Billy”. If I saw you in person, I would have to work really hard to retrain myself to call you “Bill”.

    • September 2, 2013 at 6:27 pm

      That’s OK, I still answer to Billy. I also answer to many other names…some of them are even good.

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