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Aerodynamic Engineering at its Finest

It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out the band saw and coping saw, the rasps and the sandpaper, the tape and the spray paint. Time to gather the boys around the workbench and think up new and exciting ideas and designs for this year’s pinewood derby car! Oh, and don’t forget about the high-tech 3D modeling and analysis software!

Last year was the first time in two and a half decades that I had worked on a pinewood derby car. My son and I worked on his for many hours out in the garage. We were both pretty proud of it when we were finished. That little racer was sleek and fast! Well, fast enough to place in one of the top four slots in the Pack anyway. My son took his car to regional competition, but it didn’t hold a candle to many of them. He lost his first two races in the double-elimination tournament. Oh well. Better luck next year, right?

Now, it’s next year! Another block of wood is on the bench…actually, two blocks of wood are on the bench this time. I now have two sons building racers. It’s time to put to use what we learned last year from the competition at regionals.

Wish us luck! Let’s do some racin’ boys!

P.S. Pictures to come later…maybe. Shhhh!

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